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Hege Waffen AP66 .22LR

In December after a couple of conversations with a Gun Guru, Neil I discover that it is possible to replace certain parts of my Hege Waffen AP 66 Cal .22LR  (picture below)


Now don’t be worried about the fact that you have never heard of a Hege Waffen AP 66 Cal .22LR because no one else in the world seem to know anything about it either – hence this blog post.

So this is what I have found out through my research – Do not contact the Hege Waffen company (www.hege-arms.com), The response I received was:

this pistol we have not in our programm since manny years.
We also have no parts for this Pistol.”
Hey at least they got back to me within a flash, so I approached a trusted advisor – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_ppk  and found some interesting facts about the origins of this .22LR.

It would seem like the Hege Waffen is an exact replica of the Walther PPK .22LR a pistol with a very rich history including the fact that Hitler committed suicide with a Walther PPK.

The question in my mind was still – Cool now I know some funky stuff about the origins of my Hege, but could I get spare parts and the answer was yes –a company called Numrich http://www.gunpartscorp.com had just what I was looking for, if you look for Walther ppk 22 it has a catalogue of parts available that fits the Hege perfectly.

Just thought I’d put it out there…


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One thought on “Hege Waffen AP66 .22LR

  1. Jim Mace on said:

    I believe you will find that this pistol was made in Hungary at the FEG factory. FEG made pistols for Belgium, Germany and others who marked them with their own names.

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